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Funky boys and girls
Funky children's school for boys and girls in Madrid

Funky boys and girls

Funky school for boys and girls in Madrid

Children's Funky classes in the best school in the Area located in Goya Salamanca neighborhood

 What is funky kids?

Funky is a danceable dance style that emerged in New York. It is full of feeling, reflecting the heritage of blues, gospel and African tradition.

It belongs to urban dance and choreographies full of energy, fast and strong movements are executed.

At Fame Factory, the Funky Children's students learn to dance this style of dance through sequences of steps that are counted in 8 beats until they achieve their choreography adapted to boys and girls.

Funky courses for boys and girls with a fun and playful method, keeping the students' interest in dance.

We teach three Funky Children's courses to guarantee class levels and quality of teaching.

Open classes are held so you can enjoy watching your boy or girl perform their dance class.

Two annual shows in the theater in a professional environment where the choreographies learned in the course are performed.


Awarded for Professional excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.

Schedule – Funky Children
Livel Age Day Hour
1st 6 to 8 years Tu – Thu 17:30 to 18:30
2nd 9 to 12 years Tu – Thu 18:30 to 19:30
3rd more than 12 years Tu – Thu 18:30 to 19:30

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1º Funky 6-8 years

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In Funky classes the character of Urban Dance is worked using a fun and dynamic methodology, motivating students with current music and well-crafted choreography. Instructions View the schedule. Download the license plate. Fill in the registration and save it in PDF. Send us the registration by email. E-mail: contacto@famefactory.com Choose the days of...

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