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Lyrical jazz adults
Lyrical Jazz School for adults in Madrid, Online and precency classes.

Lyrical jazz adults

School of lyrical Jazz for adults face-to-face and online in Madrid

Lyrical Jazz classes for adults in the best school in the Area located in Goya Salamanca neighborhood

 What is lyrical jazz for adults?

Lyrical Jazz is the perfect expression of the fusion of classical Ballet and Modern Dance, In Fame Factory Madrid you will find 3 very well structured courses, where you will learn to use your body accompanied by breathing and music, to achieve light and elegant movements, obtaining as a result great quality dancers.

 Our lyrical Jazz courses with a fun and professional method, keeping the students' interest in dance.

We teach 4 lyrical Jazz courses to guarantee class levels and quality of teaching.

The lyrical Jazz classes for adults and adolescents, consists of the best study plan in Madrid Formations, which guarantees to achieve a strong dance technique, passing through each course to guarantee the advancement of the students.

Open classes are held so they can enjoy seeing you in your class.

Two annual shows in the theater in a professional environment where the choreographies learned in the course are performed.


Awarded for Professional excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.

Morning schedule - Lyrical Jazz
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Mon – Wed 12:00 to 13:00
2nd Middle initiation Mon – Wed 12:00 to 13:30
Afternoons schedule - Lyrical Jazz
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Tues – Thu 20:30 to 22:00

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  • Course level: Medium Initiation

2rd lyrical jazz

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After getting a base from the previous course, we continue with the learning with more dynamic and demanding steps, to achieve elongated, elegant and fluid movements. Instructions View the schedule. Download the registration here Fill in the registration and save it in PDF. Send us the registration by email. E-mail: Choose the...

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