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Heels Dance Adults
Heels Dance School for adults in Madrid, Online and face-to-face classes.

Heels Dance Adults


Heels Dance School for adults.


Heels Dance classes for adults in the best school in the area located, in Goya Salamanca district


What is Heels Dance for adults?


The Heels Dance is a dance style whose main characteristic is the use of heeled shoes. This style of dance was born in the United States New York and uses steps of jazz funk, go-go, strip-dance, cabaret and others. The heels dance classes are collective, very fun and sexy, first you will learn choreographies with basic steps based on the dance disciplines mentioned above and then achieve the fluency that is needed for this style of discipline.


We teach several heels dance courses to guarantee class levels and quality of teaching.


Heels Dance classes for adults and teenagers start from the zero level to reach the intermediate level which will guarantee a strong technique.


Two annual shows are performed in the theater in a professional environment where the choreographies learned in the course are performed.



Awarded for Professional Excellence.

European gold medal for work merit.




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