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Classical Ballet and dance training
Professional training dance and classical ballet Madrid Centro

Classical Ballet and dance training

Welcome to Factory Ballet, we are the first and only school that offers dual training in classical ballet and dance in Madrid. In addition, we offer paid internships, so you can learn this beautiful art while having a great time.


Our training in dance, musical theater and classical ballet are the most complete in Madrid, professional training is very flexible and personalized thanks to our extensive hours and very large facilities and with the best professionals.


Modalities of professional training in dance and dancer.  


In our school you will find two types of training so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


1. Training for professional dancer.

2. Teacher training.


Our training is divided into:


Professional training in classical ballet.

Professional training in Dance.

Professional training in Musical Theater.

Professional training in Urban Dance.

Integral professional formation.



3 years from September to June.



Evaluation criteria

Continuous assessment.

Theoretical and practical final exam




Private degree endorsed by Factory ballet Madrid and by all its teachers.  


Our director Christian Erazo Lopez will carry out a personalized monitoring for each of the students.




Why train with us?


1er The best study plan.

2nd our own company.

3rd The most complete formation in Madrid.

4th We only work with great professionals.

5th Our own theatre.

6th Professional practices.

7th Virtual support classroom.

8th Free weekend workshops.

9th 700 meters of installations.

10th Video clips of the learned choreographies.

11th Casting and auditions. 





Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Gold medal of merit for good work.