K-pop classes for Children 9 to 12 years old in Madrid Centro Goya area.
  • K-pop classes for Children 9 to 12 years old in Madrid Centro Goya area.

2st K-pop children 9 to 12 years

In the K-pop course for children, the work of precision and accuracy of your movements will continue in a very fun way, since it is a very important characteristic of this style of urban dance. Classes are taught with the best K-pop professionals at Fame Factory, your school of Urban Dance and K-pop.


The students perform two shows in the theater.



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K-POP has been able to take the influences of hip hop, dancehall, modern dance or jazz and take them to its field. In fact, there are few times that some of the most marked steps are reminiscent of martial arts. Kpop or K-pop is an abbreviation used to refer to Korean pop (popular) music, more specifically it has its origin in South Korea. With the spread of the Internet, it became known in other countries.

Korean pop artists generally have music videos in which you can enjoy colorful choreography, great production and a neat image. Although there are also idol soloists, they usually have several members in the group, usually between 5 and 18, with different marked characteristics or roles that differentiate and define them.

Virtual classroom

Our students will have access to a virtual classroom to support our training, where they will find the following sub-categories:

  1. Theory pdf.
  2. Tutorial videos.
  3. Dance history
  4. Featured ballet and dance characters.
  5. Virtual classes.
  6. Annual study plan.
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