Theater interpretation Adults
Theater school for adult interpretation in Madrid.

Theater interpretation Adults

Interpretation School in Madrid Centro.

Interpretation classes for adults in the best school in the area, located in Goya, Salamanca neighborhood.

In theatrical interpretation, a character is created that transmits a story or story, using the whole body, voice and moods as instruments.


The acting courses are aimed at all those who wish to have a first contact with theater as part of their educational, cultural and human formation.


In the first stage of study you work through different exercises such as: playing, improvisation, voice technique, body, teamwork, listening and moods.


In the second stage we will apply everything we have learned to work with a theatrical text (first the scenes and then a complete play): knowledge of different theatrical texts, analysis of the play and the scenes, study of the historical and sociocultural context, analysis and creation of the character and staging of the chosen work.


Interpretation theater classes for adults and adolescents, have the best training study plan in Madrid.  



Awarded for Professional Excellence.

European gold medal for merit to work.


Morning Sift-Interpretation
1st-2nd-3rdMixedSaturday12:30 to 14:00

Afternoon Sift-Interpretation
2ndMediumFriday18:30 a 20:00



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1st Theater (Interpretation)

At this level, students continue their training, improving the technique of warming up the voice, correct breathing, nasal sound, freeing the voice, intonation, vocalizing correctly in order to achieve a perfect technique.   Two shows are performed at the Theater.   Instructions. Choose the days of the week and tuition. Proceed with the payment.
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