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Classical Ballet training
Classical Ballet training in central Madrid

Classical Ballet training


In our classical ballet school we work with one of the most complete methods that is the VAGANOVA Method. Our students are taught the vaganova technique which is precise, detailed and emphasizes the coordination of the arms and legs so that the students learn to dance with their whole body and not only with their legs.

The commitment at Fame Factory is to provide quality professional education and training, following the Vaganova style and methodology. Based on the Russian tradition, this preparation, both classical and elegant, is the basis of both classical ballet and more contemporary works.

Each module has its own schedule where you will find the most complete Classical Ballet, Dance, Musical Theater and Integral Training in Madrid.


The dancers are created on stage by dancing, performing and enjoying the experiences facing the public, which will help you grow as an artist.

Practices are very important for dancers and we perform two shows a year in the theater as part of our professional training.

Our training is divided into:

F.P. Classical Ballet

F.P. Of dance

F.P. Musical Theater

F.P. Integral


 Awarded for professional excellence.
 Gold medal for merit to work.





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Classical ballet training

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Thought of all those who want to train in the wonderful world of classical ballet, with facilities designed for your well-being and good work. Prepare for the future and face your auditions with confidence, focused on the world of work, and as a complement for actors, actresses, singers, presenters and dancers. Instructions View the schedule. Download...

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