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Contemporary adults
Adult contemporary dance school in Madrid, online and precency classes.

Contemporary adults

Contemporary dance school in Madrid

Contemporary dance classes for adults and teenagers.

What is worked on in Contemporary Dance and what is it?


The contemporary, a modern dance whose main characteristic is not having a limit in its creativity and movements. In this style of dance, the breath is used to achieve choreographies with great creativity, it is a discipline that requires strength throughout the entire body, since it is not an aerial dance.


In contemporary dance classes, the perfect expression that comes from classical ballet and incorporating modern movements is worked on, giving rise to innovation and allowing the dancer to exploit all of her creativity.


Depending on each teacher you can learn one method or another, among the best known is the Graham method and the Limo.


The students perform two annual shows in the theater in a professional environment, where the choreographies learned in the course are performed. 



Awarded for Professional Excellence.

European gold medal for merit to work.


Morning Shift-Contemporary
1stZeroTue-Thu12:30 to 13:30
1stZeroSat9:30 to 11:00
2ndMediumWed12:30 a 14:00
2ndMediumFrid9:30 to 11:00
3rdIntermediateMon-Wed-Sat12:30 to 14:00

Afternoon Shift-Contemporary
2ndMediumMon - Wed17:30 to 18:30
3rdIntermediateTuesday20:30 to 22:00



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1st Contemporary


In the initiation level classes to contemporary dance we prepare your physique to introduce you to this wonderful world, working on a wide variety of exercises that, accompanied by breathing, as it is an activity that is danced on the floor, will block the way of falling and getting up. which requires physical strength that will sculpt your body.   The...

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2nd Contemporary


At this intermediate-intermediate level, students continue to work and improve their contemporary dance technique, performing more fluid movements that appear easy and the ability to adapt to the choreographies is easier, but the demands of each choreography are more demanding on the part of the professor.   The students perform two shows in the theater....

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3rd Contemporary


Students at this level continue to work and improve their technique in contemporary dance, performing a more fluid movement, easy in appearance and the ability to adapt to choreographies is easier, but the demand for each choreography is higher on the part of the teacher.   The students perform two shows in the theater.   Instructions. Choose the days of...

Price €65.00
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