Contemporary dance class at Fame Factory Madrid.
  • Contemporary dance class at Fame Factory Madrid.

3rd Contemporary

Students at this level continue to work and improve their technique in contemporary dance, performing a more fluid movement, easy in appearance and the ability to adapt to choreographies is easier, but the demand for each choreography is higher on the part of the teacher.


The students perform two shows in the theater.



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Contemporary Dance or also known as Modern Dance, is a very free dance style, both in body movements and in the creation of its choreographies. Using music of very changing styles and feelings, which means that contemporary dancers must be prepared to constantly change their movements and feelings when expressing the dance. The contemporary is danced barefoot and with comfortable clothes.


There are currently two techniques: Graham and Cunningham.


To access the intermediate or advanced intermediate levels, students have to take an entrance test to determine the appropriate level for the students.


Our students will have a virtual classroom to support our training, where they will find the following subcategories:


Virtual classroom

  • Classical Ballet theory PDF.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • dance story
  • Outstanding characters of ballet and dance.
  • Virtual classes.
  • Annual study plan
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