School of dance and musical theater.

Impegnati to form ballerini with proiezioni per i grandi musicale and the repertoire of the Teatro Musicale, abbiamo two centri a Madrid, one in the most prestigious area of the capital BARRIO SALAMANCA with a traiettoria di oltre 60 anni, where sono state condotte interviewed by Tv 1, la Sixth note, click video, show of great musicals etc., Our structure has no più of 1400 square meters conditioned for dance such as Tap, Tap Dance, Tip Tap, Classical Balletto, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Funky, Musical Theater, Pilates, Yoga, Flessibilità e molto altro.

We are the più consigliata school in the center of Madrid, awarded with the European gold medal and professional excellence. Due spettacoli come eseguiti a year at the theater.

Più di 1200 square meters for the use and the entertainment of the dance.