Funky Adults
Funky school for adults and teenagers in Madrid.

Funky Adults

Academy of Funky and Urban dance for adults and teenagers.

Adult and adolescent Funky classes at the best school in Madrid, Goya area.

Funky and Latin urban are urban dance styles that are booming in Madrid, similar to hip-hop, which fuse various genres such as jazz, break dance, hip-hop, Afro and Latin rhythms. These dances are characterized by intense and expressive choreography, with dry and energetic movements that focus on the upper extremities and trunk. Backbeat movements are key to capturing the audience's attention.


At Fame Factory, we offer funky and Latin urban classes in Madrid, structured on several levels to guarantee excellent quality of teaching. Students begin at the beginning level and advance to the intermediate level, developing solid skills in these dance styles.


Throughout the course, two annual shows are performed in a professional theater, where students have the opportunity to show the choreographies they have learned. This experience provides a professional and enriching environment, preparing students to excel in the world of urban dance.



Awarded for Professional Excellence.

European gold medal for merit to work.


Afternoon Sift-Funky 
MediumTu-Thu19:30 to 20:30



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Latin Urban

Urban music (urban music in Spanish) or urban Latin is a transnational umbrella category that includes many different genres and styles. As a general term it includes reggaeton, dancehall, dembow, urban champeta, carioca funk, Latin hip hop and Latin trap.   The students perform two shows in the theater.   Instructions Choose the days of the week and the...
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