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Singing boys and girls
Children's singing school for boys and girls in Madrid

Singing boys and girls


Singing school for boys and girls in Madrid


Children's singing classes in the best school in the Area located in Goya Salamanca neighborhood


 What is children's song?


Children's singing is learning to use the human speech apparatus or voice correctly, this is achieved with exercises followed at their age and course.


The singing classes are oriented to the musical, modern, urban world, working on these fundamental points such as heating the voice, correct breathing, projecting the sound, nasal sound, liberalizing the voice, intonation, vocalizing correctly and using the muscles of the mouth well, to get the perfect technique to face auditions of great musicals.


Singing classes are aimed at adolescents and children from beginner to intermediate levels, in central Madrid.


 Our Jcanto courses for boys and girls with a fun and playful method, keeping the students' interest in dance.


Open classes are held so that you can enjoy watching your boy or girl perform their singing class.



Awarded for Professional excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.



Schedule – Singing Children
1stmore than 8 yearsTu – Thu18:30 to 19:30



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1st children's song


In the zero initiation classes of children's singing from the age of 10, the students learn to work on how to warm up the voice, correct breathing, project the sound, nasal sound, open the voice, intonation, vocalize correctly to achieve the perfect technique. .   Two shows are performed in the theater.   Instructions Choose the days of the week and...

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