Salsa y Bachata
Salsa and Bachata school in the center of Madrid

Salsa y Bachata

Dominican Bachata and Cuban Salsa school.

Salsa and Bachata classes in the best area, located in Goya Barrio Salamanca.

What is Cuban sauce?


The art of salsa originated in the 1970s and can be considered as the beginning of the evolution of Cuban music. Salsa is a set of Afro-Caribbean rhythms fused with jazz and other styles. Their origins have been widely debated, but it is known that they come from a fusion that the inhabitants of the Caribbean made when they heard European music to later mix it with their drums.


The so-called Cuban style is, unlike the styles that have emerged in recent years, the one that takes more elements and steps from how much dance existed before or after. The first steps of this dance were developed in the Casino Deportivo de La Habana and other dance halls in the Cuban capital at the end of the fifties, hence the name it has in Cuba: casino, since it was originally called "the dance of the Casino". At the end of the sixties it regained its popularity and has not stopped dancing to this day.


However, for the different figures some are very complicated, there are several combinations of basic steps that must be mastered in order to execute them correctly.


What is Dominican Bachata?


Bachata is a danceable musical genre originating in the Dominican Republic, within what is called urban folklore. It is considered a derivative of the rhythmic bolero, with influences from other styles such as Cuban son and merengue. Bachata is now booming and is one of the dance styles that most students want to learn. Among the kings of bachata is Romeo Santos.


All students will begin their learning in the salsa and bachata courses, learning the basic steps of these two dances, until they can master them.


At Fame factory you will find Cuban Salsa classes and Dominican Bachata classes from zero level to intermediate level.


There are 2 shows in the theater a year. 



Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Gold Medal of Merit for good work.


Afternoon Sift-Bachata
1stZeroTuesday21:30 to 22:30
ZeroThursday20:30 to 21:30
MediumMonday21:00 to 22:00
MediumWednesday20:00 to 21:00

Afternoon Sif-Salsa
1stZeroTuesday20:30 a 21:30
1stZeroThursday21:30 a 22:30
2ndMediumMonday20:00 a 21:00
2ndMediumWednesday21:00 a 22:00



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