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Latin urban boys and girls
We teach Latin urban courses and classes for boys and girls in Madrid

Latin urban boys and girls

Latin Urban school for boys and girls in Madrid

Latin Urban Infantile classes in the best school in the Area located in Goya Salamanca neighborhood

 What is Latin Urban for children?

The Latin Urban dance style for boys, girls, adolescents and children is the mixture of different Latin rhythms such as bachata, merengue, salsa and reggaeton with a very marked fusion of urban dances such as Hip hop, street dance or Shuffle. It is one of the most complete dance styles of urban dance, merging some of the dances that are in fashion such as reggaeton.

 Here you will find Latin Urban classes with different levels from the initial level from the beginner level to the intermediate level of Latin Urban for children.

 Our Latin Urban courses for boys and girls with a fun and playful method, keeping the students' interest in dance.

We teach several Latin Urban courses for children to guarantee class levels and quality of teaching.

Open classes are held so you can enjoy watching your boy or girl perform their Latin Urban class.

Two annual shows in the theater in a professional environment where the choreographies learned in the course are performed.


Awarded for Professional excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.

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