Introductory singing classes for children at the Fame Factory Academy
  • Introductory singing classes for children at the Fame Factory Academy

1st children's song

In the zero initiation classes of children's singing from the age of 10, the students learn to work on how to warm up the voice, correct breathing, project the sound, nasal sound, open the voice, intonation, vocalize correctly to achieve the perfect technique. .


Two shows are performed in the theater.



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In the singing classes for boys or girls they are oriented to the musical world, working on these fundamental points such as warming up the voice, correct breathing, projecting the sound itself well, nasal sound, freeing the voice, intonation, vocalizing correctly and using the musculature of the mouth, to achieve the perfect technique to face auditions of great musicals.


Singing is the controlled emission of sounds from the human sonorous apparatus (Voice), following a musical composition, it occupies an important place within music, since it allows text to be incorporated into the work.


There are different singing techniques that are applied depending on the musical style in which it is sung. In opera, whose base comes from the motto (reciting while singing), the technique of lyrical singing is applied (bel canto refers to the romantic style of Italian opera, from 1800-1900), while in popular singing the guideline is achieve a sound similar to that of the spoken voice.


Among the different vocal techniques, the Italian, German, North American and English techniques stand out.


Our students will have a virtual classroom to support our training, where they will find the following subcategories:


Virtual classroom.

  • Classical Ballet theory PDF.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • Dance history.
  • Outstanding characters of ballet and dance.
  • Virtual classes.
  • Annual study plan.

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