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Lyrical jazz adults
Lyrical Jazz School for adults in Madrid, Online and precency classes.

Lyrical jazz adults


Lyrical Jazz School for adults


Lyrical Jazz classes for adults in the Goya area, Salamanca district


What are Lyrical Jazz classes for adults?


Lyrical Jazz is the perfect fusion expression of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance. In Fame Factory Madrid you will find different levels very well structured to guarantee the best progress for the students.


In lyrical jazz classes you will learn to use your body accompanied by breathing and music, to achieve light and elegant movements, resulting in great quality dancers.


Students perform two annual shows in the theater in a professional environment, where the choreographies learned during the course are performed.




Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.


Morning schedule - Lyrical Jazz
1ndInitiationTue – Thu13:00 to 14:00



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1st Lyrical Jazz


The basic steps, physical, artistic and auditory conditions are worked on, it is the perfect fusion of modern dance and classical ballet, obtaining a style that sculpts the dancer's physique.   Instructions. Choose the days of the week and the registration. Proceed with the payment.

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