Tap Dance Classes Professional Academy Fame Factory in Madrid Centro.
  • Tap Dance Classes Professional Academy Fame Factory in Madrid Centro.

2nd Tap dance

At the medio level of Tap Dance, you will advance your training with more challenging steps, focused on developing speed, musicality and performance. These skills will then be applied in the execution of more demanding choreographies.

To enter this level, students must undergo a level test that will evaluate their skills and determine the most appropriate course for each one.

As part of this experience, students will have the opportunity to perform in two theatrical shows, where they will be able to demonstrate their progress and talent before the public.



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Tap dance or tap originates from the fusion of Swedish dances from Ireland, northern England and Scotland, combined with dances practiced by African Americans, such as the juba, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In 1739, black slaves were prohibited from using percussion instruments, which motivated them to perform percussion with their feet and hands.


In this way, while the dances were mixed, a new style of dance was born: the American Tap dance, improvisation was the main thing in this new style of dance. After its rise, where it will achieve great popularity is due to its presence in various Hollywood musicals.


The Claque or American tap dance is an American dance in which the feet move rhythmically while a musical tap dance is performed, the tap dance was always located within the "show business", rather than in the "serious dance" circuit, but the times have been changing and today there are large companies that do seasons in theaters and their shows are merely dedicated to this dance.


On May 25, International Tap Day is celebrated.


To access the intermediate or advanced intermediate levels, students have to take an entrance test to determine the appropriate level for the students.


Our students will have a virtual classroom to support our training, where they will find the following subcategories:


Virtual classroom.

  • Classical Ballet theory PDF.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • dance story
  • Outstanding characters of ballet and dance.
  • Virtual classes.
  • Annual study plan.
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