Acrobatics and Portes

It is a course to start and learn acrobatic bearings that will complete your Training in Musicals and Dance. A perfect class for Actors and Dancers


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- The student will take a level test.

- The extra complement to your rate: It will add a class to the rate you are targeting. For example, if you are already signed up for acrobatics and you want to sign up for singing, use this complement.

- Two annual shows are held in the theater.

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It is a course to start and learn acrobatic poses, different combinations and styles of lifting, hands, feet / hands, acrobatic rock & roll, pyramid towers, vertical work, special attention is paid to body positioning for the correct development of exercises, in the classes work on strengthening and stretching.

Basic portages will be worked: feet-hands, foot-feet, hands-hands, counter-hands-hands, columns, holds, supports and unusual supports. Propulsions from the basic supports and proposals for technical elements based on balances, propulsions and transitions. Acrobatics and porté also known as porté acrobatic or porté in duo, is an artistic discipline where balance, strength, elasticity, coordination, proprioception and body awareness. It is about doing acrobatics and figures in pairs or groups, where the one below plays the basic role and the one above the agile one.

The classes consist of an individual group or couple warm-up and stretching. Always adapted to the physical condition of each person, it is not required to have previous knowledge, since they will be learned little by little as the school year passes.

Training for acrobatics consists of balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and discipline, to these characteristics are added elements of dance such as jazz, modern dance and ballet. These classes are aimed at all those students who study different styles of dance such as: Classical Ballet, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Choreographies, Broadway Jazz, Theatrical Dance and those who wish to work their body in a fun and complete way, as well as enjoy team and creative work.

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